Remedial Project Monitoring

     We provide project monitoring for geotechnical projects including compaction grouting (sinkhole remediation), chemical grouting, installations of resistance piers, helical piers, hollow-bar piles, drilled-in piers, displacement micropiles, and many other micropile and soil modification projects.  This third-party monitoring solution helps you reduce your overhead by allowing you to reduce your monitoring staff, moving your monitoring costs to a job cost rather than a more general overhead by not having to keep monitors on staff.

     We've spent years in the industry installing and performing all types of remedial projects so we know all the ins and outs and nuances of being the installer, as well as designer.  We are well versed in communication (also spelled 'translation') between engineers and the field crews performing the work.

     Call us to find out how we can help reduce your overhead, frustration, and save you time and money with a daily monitoring rate for your next project.