Residential Services

     Our residential service starts with a phone consultation and on-site inspection.  If it appears to us that there may be something worth investigating further, we provide you with all of the information needed to continue the process.  In most cases, there are several choices including monitoring, further investigation by a geotechnical engineer, and foundation remediation (piles, cementitious grouts, chemical grouts, etc..).


     One of the most beneficial services we provide is foundation monitoring.  This is a check to see if your foundation is actively moving, the levelness of your interior floor slab, and also a way to accurately determine what exactly was done (How much improvement did you get?) should you choose to have the foundation repairs performed.  We do this one of two ways (or both depending on your circumstances):


Interior Floor Elevations

  • This is a process of collecting floor elevation readings throughout your home which we can use to immediately generate a report showing the "levelness" of your floor slab.  A "heat map" is one of the tools in the report which gives you a great visualization of just how level your floor is and maybe why it feels so strange to walk into that back room!​

  • This report is also a fantastic tool for the foundation repair contractor to have so they know exactly how to perform the repair.


Exterior Wall Benchmark® Measurement

  • This is a process of installing Benchmarks® (small markers) on walls around the home to create a baseline to measure against in the future.  If monitoring is the recommended course of action, we can either come back at a predetermined time (6 months, 1 year...) or when you observe further cracking or movement, re-check the Benchmarks® and precisely determine if there has been any movement on the foundation, how much movement, and where.

  • In many cases, it may be determined after a few monitoring cycles that the foundation is no longer moving and extensive repairs can be avoided.  This is another accurate tool that helps contractors and engineers in performing their work.


     These reports can be used in your decision making on whether or not to pursue repairs, further monitoring, or to get a geotechnical engineer involved to conduct further specialized testing.  If repairs are warranted or further specialized investigation is needed, we can provide recommendations of the best contractors and engineers in the business.  If it seems a bit overwhelming or your time is limited, we can even manage the entire process for you.

     Think of us as the doctor or inspector.  We use our knowledge and experience to help troubleshoot the concern.  If there is a problem and a specialist is needed, we make the recommendation or referral.

     Home Advisor and Angie’s List might list the companies that do the work, but we KNOW the companies, we KNOW what’s available, and we KNOW the processes.  So whether you have an existing home, building, pool deck, or seawall that is exhibiting some symptoms of possible settlement problems, or if you want to discuss options to beef up a foundation BEFORE you build, call us, we can help.